Krisna Kiernan

My son loved going to Spanish classes. He went from age 5 to 11. He learned so much, he can speak, read and write in Spanish. There are lots of games and activities and he would come home teaching me new Spanish words!. The book is so easy to understand with great illustration. Thank you so much Fernanda! I would definitely recommend the Greystones Languages for Children

The online Spanish classes for my 13 year old daughter are both fun and beneficial as she has attained a very good mark in her summer exams in 1st year. The teacher is engaging and motivational . The online classes will enable us to continue the classes in September. Everything about the school is very efficient and Georgia is always very responsive to any queries

My daughter’s made a huge progress in just a few months with Greystones Languages for Children. There are games, songs and other age appropriate activities in each class, the children are well motivated to learn. I even picked up a few words and songs myself.

My daughter loves her Spanish class, she has made loads of new friends and I can hear her using her new ‘spanish’ words for different things daily, Georgia is a pleasure to deal with as are Janine and Rachel, I couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough, roll on September!!!!

My child has been really enjoying his French class from here. Georgia, the teacher, offers quality of teaching + Well structured materials (Books & mp3 audio files) + Small size of the class and many more. This is one of the best afterschool activities my child has been doing and I don’t have any hesitation to recommend her class to anyone. It’s been so rewarding class.

We started French classes over zoom with Georgia in January 2021 during the 2nd lockdown and my 6 year old daughter loved it from the start! She is often singing the French songs around the house and using her French words. The classes are great fun, professional and engaging for the kids and we will be continuing over zoom in the autumn! We can’t wait to get back to France so she can use some of her words! Thanks Georgia!

My boys took spanish classes online during lockdown with Greystones Languages. My 5 year old did Las Aventuras and my 10 year old Buenos Dias. So happy with the classes, easy to follow, kids are kept engaged all the time by playing games, singing songs or doing other activities and are encouraged to practice what they learn all the time. Boys are looking forward to return to online classes in September with Janine and Rachel.


Its such a joy to witness how enthusiastic my daughter is about learning French. Using songs and games gives children a natural feel for the language and a willingness to practice their new expressions and vocabulary. Super!


I have been delighted with the French Classes Lisa has been attending with Greystones Languages for Children. The classes are very well structuredand I really like that there is a text book to follow. My daughter really enjoys the classes and feels confident that she will be prepared to take French Classes as she moves into secondary school next September.


Rachel is really enjoying it. You would have been really impressed if you had heard her yesterday teaching her Dad how to count to ten by making him sing and repeat it. Priceless! She’s keeping me on my toes as my French is very basic and rusty and I can’t translate all she wants to say in French. When I call her, all I hear is ‘ici Mum’

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