What the Mum’s Say


Its such a joy to witness how enthusiastic my daughter is about learning French. Using songs and games gives children a natural feel for the language and a willingness to practice their new expressions and vocabulary. Super!


I have been delighted with the French Classes Lisa has been attending with Greystones Languages for Children. The classes are very well structuredand I really like that there is a text book to follow. My daughter really enjoys the classes and feels confident that she will be prepared to take French Classes as she moves into secondary school next September.


Rachel is really enjoying it. You would have been really impressed if you had heard her yesterday teaching her Dad how to count to ten by making him sing and repeat it. Priceless! She’s keeping me on my toes as my French is very basic and rusty and I can’t translate all she wants to say in French. When I call her, all I hear is ‘ici Mum’