Online Classes

FAQs about our Online Classes

10 May 2020

How do I sign up for online classes?

If your child is already attending classes with us, there is no need to register again, just send an email or text message. Please note, if you have a credit with us you can use this to pay for online classes and we will keep you updated on your balance.

If your child is not currently attending classes with us (before Covid), you can enrol your child here for our online classes, and pay the class fee, via our online form.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our FUN language classes!


French Classes

Starting week 25 May for 6 weeks
Jun/Snr Infants – Thurs 2:00-2:45
1st/2nd/3rd class – Tues 4:00-4:45

Currently running till end June
1st/2nd/3rd class –  Weds 3:00-3:45
1st/2nd/3rd class – Weds  4:00-4:45
4th/5th/6th class – Thurs 3:00-3:45
4th/5th/6th class – Thurs 4:00-4:45

Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes running till week of 3rd August
Jun/Snr Infants – Tues 2:00-2:45
1st/2nd/3rd class – Tues 3:00-3:45
4th/5th/6th class – Weds 12:00-12:45
Higher level – Weds 2:00-2:45

Do your online classes differ from your face to face classes?

We continue to use the internationally-recognised and award-winning teaching methodology of La Jolie Ronde in our online classes. La Jolie Ronde has been at the forefront of Primary Language teaching since 1983, and for over thirty years they have held exciting, educational language courses as well as supplying language resources to primary schools across England and Ireland. Children begin to learn French and Spanish when they are most receptive, less inhibited and are able to learn quickly.

We’ve adapted our programme to teaching online with a variety of songs, videos, games, stories, interactive activities and slide shows. We’re sure your children won’t be disappointed!

Classes are small with up to 8 pupils online to ensure each pupil has the full attention of the tutor. The classes are enhanced by an interactive workbook and APP, which the children have at home in order to practice a little with their parents.

I think we all understand that technology can sometimes let us down and this may be the area that fails us but so far we’ve experienced minimum disruption in this area.

Classes are for 45 mins, maximum 8 pupils and a minimum 6 pupils (full paying) required for a class to start.

Will my child know the other children in the online class?

In some cases yes, but not necessarily if you are joining a brand new class. For existing pupils, we’ve had to rearrange the classes and group pupils according to their school class and which book they are currently using. Your child may not necessarily have the same tutor online as they’ve had to date, but each one of our tutors is an exceptional teacher. They’re looking forward to seeing their young learners again.

What platform are you using for online classes?

Sessions will take place via Zoom. The software needs to be downloaded in advance of the class. This can be downloaded here:

Parents will be emailed a unique Zoom meeting ID and unique password to join the class and every class will have a new link and password thereafter. Please do not share these with anyone. We will NOT post the meeting details on your WhatsApp group, so please keep the email to hand. We will email a reminder on the day of your class with the meeting link and password again. It might be useful to set a reminder in your phone when the class is taking place! Please try and join the class 10 mins early so you can access the waiting room.

It’s better to do the class on a computer or tablet and NOT a phone. Please use the child’s first name as the user for the session or let me know what name is on the machine your child is using so I can recognise them and allow them to join the class. If you are using a different machine for another class, please let me know the name

It’s better for the class to take place in a suitable, quiet learning environment and preferably not a bedroom. Children should be dressed appropriately (i.e. no pyjamas!).

Please do not use Zoom’s virtual background facility as pupils are unable to show their work with this enabled.
Ensure you have your screen on ‘gallery view’ in order to see everyone in the session.

Please keep background noise to a minimum.

Just as in school, please refrain from any inappropriate language and show encouragement and kindness to your peers at all times.

How do I attend my online class?

We will email the day before your class with the meeting link and password. It might be useful to set a reminder in your phone when the class is taking place! Please try and join the class 10 mins early so you can access the waiting room.

What safeguarding steps are you taking?

The class will be locked after 10 mins so if you are late, please send a text to say you are in the waiting room and you will be let in. If I do not recognise your machine’s name at this stage, you won’t be allowed in.

We will be using the ‘waiting room’ feature which means you will be required to wait until I commence the class and let only children into the class who have confirmed they are joining us.

Parents must set up/close the session for their child.

Pupils should not be left unsupervised. Parents should be within close and easy access of your child at all times during the lesson. Parents should understand they are responsible for the health and safety of their child(ren) whilst they are taking part in our online classes.
It’s better for the class to take place in a suitable, quiet learning environment and preferably not a bedroom. Children should be dressed appropriately (i.e. no pyjamas!).

Please ensure the audio and camera is enabled for the class.
The normal chat will be available but the private chat function will be disabled and also file transfer.
Only the teacher can use the share screen facility.
Breakout rooms will not be used.

Classes will not be recorded under any circumstances.

Only the teacher, who is Garda Vetted, will be teaching and present during the class. There may be 2 teachers present out of Georgia, Janine or Rachel.

If necessary, our tutors can and will remove an unauthorised or disruptive attendee – and they will be unable to rejoin the meeting

What does my child need for the lesson?

If your child has our activity book, it’s good to have it by their side and also having to hand a pencil, scrap paper, colouring pencils, rubber and so on is very helpful. More important, perhaps, if possible would be a little bit of space so that they can be up and active if required!

My other child is interested too. Can they join in the online lesson?

There is no charge for a sibling to join the class if he/she is in the same age bracket as the main learner. We group children together like this:

Junior & Senior Infants
1st, 2nd & 3rd class
4th, 5th & 6th class

There may be some variation of the above age groups but generally classes work better and children have a better learning experience if there is no more than 2 years between them.

We still need to register both children for the session and in this case, we may need you to ensure appropriate sharing and learning behaviour between the siblings!