Vocab Games on Educandy

(simply click the link to play the games – have FUN!)


For pupils on Salut Céline et Antoine book or Bonjour la France book

PLAY NOW    Les couleurs

PLAY NOW    Lessons 1-4 Au debut

PLAY NOW   Lessons 5-8 Les animaux

PLAY NOW   Lessons 9-10 Mon corps

PLAY NOW    Lessons 11-15 La nourriture

PLAY NOW    Lessons 17-19 Les vetements


For pupils on Las Aventuras de Mifu y Tina, y los Juguetes book

PLAY NOW   Colours matching game

For pupils on Hola Pedro y Carmen book or Buenos Dias book

PLAY NOW   Colours matching game

PLAY NOW   weather and seasons

PLAY NOW   Animals Chapters 5-8

PLAY NOW    Days of the week

PLAY NOW    Transport and Home

For Buenos Dias book only

PLAY  NOW   Chapters 1 and 2

PLAY NOW   Chapters 3 and 4

PLAY NOW   El transporte

PLAY NOW    La casa

PLAY NOW   La Familia

PLAY NOW   A little bit tricky – matching colours in Irish and Spanish!

Kahoot Game

for pupils on Hola or Buenos book
Add your nickname so we can see who is in the lead!