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Where it all began for Georgia Gallagher…..
(owner/operator of Greystones Languages for Children)

“Being a mother of two young children inspired me in 2013 to return to my love of languages, to teach and train with La Jolie Ronde and offer language classes to children in my community.  I set up Greystones Languages for Children in 2013 after training with La Jolie Ronde to teach French to children at primary schools in my area”.

The language programme we use in all our classes is produced by La Jolie Ronde. As a licensee, I am trained in all aspects of the business, from the teaching method to the marketing and administration of classes. Tutors are also fully trained and monitored by myself and La Jolie Ronde.

Our small structured classes are planned carefully each week and are specifically tailored to the child’s age group. Children learn the new language the same way that all children learn their own mother tongue; through stories, action chants, songs and games. Just like young French and Spanish children, our pupils repeat songs and games over and over and absorb the new language as they play. The classes are enhanced by an interactive workbook and APP, which the children take home each week in order to practice a little with their parents and in addition parents can keep track of their children’s progress in our regular progress reports.

La Jolie Ronde has been at the forefront of Primary Language teaching since 1983, and for over thirty years they have held exciting, educational language courses as well as supplying language resources to primary schools across England and Ireland. This internationally-recognised and award-winning course provides a complete structured language course for children as young as babies up to 12 year olds on their way to Secondary School. Children begin to learn French and Spanish when they are most receptive, less inhibited and are able to learn quickly.

“2017 Best National Activity for Children aged 5-12 years old” for the 4th year running”


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