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Greystones Languages for Children?

Greystones Languages for Children

Benefits for Children

  • An established and award-winning language school - teaching French and Spanish to primary school children.
  • A structured teaching programme called ‘La Jolie Ronde’ - which makes us UNIQUE!
  • Rewarding, stimulating and confidence building classes - children experience a positive approach to language learning.
  • Children progress through a four- stage programme from 4 to 13 years - fitting seamlessly alongside their school work.
  • Transition to Secondary School is easy - the CORE WORK is done.
  • Children learn to read and write their chosen language independently.
  • Children experience language learning techniques and become accustomed to listening.
  • Children receive their own high-quality A4 Activity Book and have FREE access to our UNIQUE listening APP - to continue their language learning journey at home.
  • Children are REWARDED and RECOGNISED - with stickers, certificates and reports.


Greystones Languages For Children 5-6

5-6 Years

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Greystones Languages For Children 7-9

7-9 Years

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Greystones Languages For Children 10-11

10-11 Years

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Greystones Languages For Children 12-13

12-13 Years

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La Jolie Ronde

About La Jolie Ronde

Established in 1983, La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children has been Ireland’s/UK’s leading early language-learning organisation with award-winning and proven methods of teaching for children.

Over almost 40 years it has developed to be what it is today: a unique centre for not just learning a second language, but also as a platform for introducing children to the everyday realities of the country and the culture they are studying.

Its award winning programmes, ensure each friendly, weekly lesson combines fun with exciting games, story-telling, songs and activities. 

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Georgia Gallagher

About Georgia

Where it all began for Georgia Gallagher
Owner/Operator of Greystones Languages for Children

“Being the mother of two young children persuaded Georgia to return to her early years of language teaching and set up Greystones Languages for Children in 2013. To do this Georgia began her ‘renewal’ by training with ‘la Jolie Ronde’, a leading early language learning organisation with an award-winning and proven method of teaching languages to young children. This has now developed (with the help of French and Spanish speaking tutors, Rachel Kennedy and Janine Gore) into teaching French and Spanish to hundreds of primary school children in and around Greystones.

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What Parents Are Saying


Its such a joy to witness how enthusiastic my daughter is about learning French. Using songs and games gives children a natural feel for the language and a willingness to practice their new expressions and vocabulary. Super!



I have been delighted with the French Classes Lisa has been attending with Greystones Languages for Children. The classes are very well structuredand I really like that there is a text book to follow. My daughter really enjoys the classes and feels confident that she will be prepared to take French Classes as she moves into secondary school next September.



Rachel is really enjoying it. You would have been really impressed if you had heard her yesterday teaching her Dad how to count to ten by making him sing and repeat it. Priceless! She’s keeping me on my toes as my French is very basic and rusty and I can’t translate all she wants to say in French. When I call her, all I hear is ‘ici Mum’


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