Georgia Gallagher

Originally from England, but living in Ireland since 1995, I am a fluent French and German speaker. Being a mother of two young children inspired me in 2013 to return to my love of languages, to teach and train with La Jolie Ronde and offer language classes to children in my community.  I set up Greystones Languages for Children in 2013 after training with La Jolie Ronde UK to teach French to children at primary schools in my area.  I enjoy my work immensely as it brings my language, teaching and administrative skills together to run a small business which fits around the lifestyle I lead with my family.  I have always loved languages and how special it feels to be able to communicate to people in another language other than your own.  I would like to give my children and other children in the community a taste of this by bringing language classes to their school or community.

I am an Honours Graduate in Languages (French and German) and Business from Wolverhampton University and I lived in France and Germany 5 years.  Armed with my teaching certificate (TEFL), I taught English and French for 3 years in France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK; the latter in 1994/95 where I taught French at after-school clubs in primary schools in South Manchester. On moving to Ireland in 1995, I worked for 10 years in the tourism industry in International Sales & Marketing where my languages played a huge role in my day to day job.

Georgia Gallagher, BA Hons (French, German, Business & IT), TEFL, H Dip Business Admin

Rachel Kennedy

I am an Honours Graduate (French and Spanish) of TCD, have lived and studied in France and Spain and worked extensively with both languages in a business capacity.

I’ve been teaching French and Spanish with Greystones Languages for Children for four years now and really enjoy sharing my love for the languages and the countries with the children.

It is wonderful to see them develop their language skills and confidence through our classes.

Noelia Delgado Cordero

“Hello! My name is Noelia and I come from Madrid, Spain. I recently moved to Ireland and am delighted to have found my feet here!

I studied languages since I was very young and today I can say it is one of my biggest passions. I studied fine arts at university and then continued studying to become a secondary school teacher. Whilst studying I also worked as a language teacher with students from as young as 5 years to 60 years, which I truly enjoy.

You could say I am also a sports lover too! As a martial arts expert and a rugby player, energy and positive vibes always go with me.

It is a big pleasure for me to be teaching at Greystones Languages for Children and to be part of La Jolie Ronde as a teacher.  I love having FUN with the pupils and sharing my culture and native language with them.”


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